Stainless steel tote single use for shipping

Shipping bagtainers® – trouble free moving and shipping

Shipping bagtainers® prevent the bag from being ripped during transport. The unique bagtainer® bag securing system is easy to operate and allows for underfilling the bag down to any level, still securing the liquid during transport.

  • every required volume up to 1000 litres
  • unique bagtainer® bag securing system which works with intermediate volumes
  • can easily be moved by forklift or with the use of other accessories
  • stackable empty or filled
  • cabinet for tubing and sample bags
  • collapsible alternatives available
bagtainer® bag securing system
200 litres shipping bagtainer® with bagtainer® bag securing system
dolly for bagtainer®


Shipping bagtainers® can be adapted to every bag format and to all brands available on the market.

  • all formats and volumes, from 1 to 1000 litres
  • 2D and 3D bioprocessing bags
  • matching bag port positions (filling, draining, processing)

Unlimited Customizing Options

Due to applied stainless steel nearly any customization can be put into practice. Conceivable options are individual bag port positions, different surface options, stackability, windows, couplings et cetera. Our experienced engineering-team will answer your questions.

Find more information here: Unlimited Customizing Options

hose flap


Upon customer request, we can coordinate testing according to ISTA / ASTM standards. Testing will always be performed with the combination of bagtainer® and your specific (branded) bag. Performance testing includes atmospheric conditioning, random vibration, and shock testing. Some liquids (such as sodium hydroxide or ethanol) require particular certification for hazardous materials (UN) – please enquire.

Manufactured for your needs

The production of bagtainers® is based upon high-precision laser-cut parts. Mechanical processing and welding is done by qualified personnel. All products are surface finished (pickled & passivated, brushed, electropolished) before getting assembled prior to being shipped.

The strong quality assurance guarantees that bagtainers® meet your specifications.

Find more information here: Quality