Easy handling of single-use equipment in cleanrooms - MasterMover in combination with our bagtainer® equipment

Schulte bagtainer systems GmbH is an official cooperation partner of MasterMover. Together we offer customized solutions for the safe handling of single-use equipment for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Bagtainer® Add-ons: Maneuvering aids

Our offer includes the creation of new designs and equipment, the MasterMover itself as well as retrofit kits for existing equipment for the use of MasterMovers.

We offer suitable add-ons for easier handling in the tightest of spaces for our own products as well as for products from other manufacturers.

How can you maneuver heavy equipment in small cleanrooms and narrow pathways?

The combination of our bagtainer equipment with MasterMover’s stainless steel range of electric tugs is specifically designed for use in sterile environments and eliminates the need for manual handling.

The stainless steel electric tugs facilitate the controlled movement of loads in confined spaces and offer a range of coupling options that focus on the safety of the transported goods. Even heavy loads of up to 15 tons, inclines and narrow aisles pose no problem. The use of cleanroom-compatible electric tugs minimizes the risk of injury to employees and at the same time increases the efficiency of production operations.

Why we recommend MasterMover as a bagtainer® add-on:

The combination of bagtainer® and MasterMover electric tugs offers many advantages:

Safe maneuvering of the bagtainer® in the cleanroom

Ergonomic handling of bulky equipment and loads

Can be retrofitted for all bagtainer® products and third-party brands

Customized solutions for your needs on site

For more than twenty years we design and manufacture ergonomic solutions for operators in cleanrooms. Ease of use is always a central component in the development of our products. Together with MasterMover, we have already developed and built suitable solutions for easy and safe handling for a large number of customers – now we also offer the MasterMover itself.

MasterMover and bagtainer®:

The compact solution for safely moving totes and cleanroom equipment

MasterMover products offer consistency, reliability, accuracy and, above all, optimized hygiene for your health and safety requirements:


  • Reduces the need for manual handling
  • Purpose-built IP and stainless steel products
  • Improved efficiency during changeover
  • Helps staff complete tasks in a safe manner
  • Protects products and equipment from damage
  • Suitable for use in confined spaces

Find the right add-ons for your bagtainer®:

Are you already using our bagtainer® and would like to retrofit the add-ons for easy, ergonomic handling? Or would you like to establish the bagtainer® in your workflow and equip it directly with all the appropriate add-ons?


Here you will find an overview of all maneuvering aids. 

If you are unsure about your product selection, please contact us at any time.

SM100+ SS

  • Loadable: up to 1.200 kg
  • Application: Ideal for handling culture and buffer tanks

SM200+ SS

  • Loadable: up to 2.000kg
  • Application: Ideal for handling culture and buffer tanks


  • Loadable: up to 2.000kg
  • Application: for the controlled movement of bio-reactors


  • Loadable: up to 3.000kg
  • Application: for the controlled movement of bio-reactors

MT5/400+ SS

  • Loadable: up to 4.000kg
  • Application: Ideal for transporting equipment such as disposable mixers

MH400+ SS

  • Loadable: up to 4.000kg
  • Application: Ideal for transporting equipment such as disposable mixers


  • Loadable: up to 15.000 kg
  • Application: Perfectly suited for the controlled handling of chromatography columns

Conversion kit needed?
We supply the right equipment for all types.

This is how our bagtainer® add-ons optimize your operational processes:

The bagtainer® significantly simplifies the storage of liquid goods in pharmaceutical logistics: they protect single-use bags, are easy to keep sterile and can even be stacked for ideal space utilization. If you not only store the liquids safely and sterilely but also use them in larger quantities for your internal processes, you need a powerful add-on: from everyday handling to the precise movement of containers weighing several tons – the electric tugs from MasterMover are the perfect fit for your pharmaceutical processes and procedures.

  • Quick process changeover

  • Compact, stainless steel machines for confined environments

  • Controlled movement of heavy and delicate loads

  • Allows individual operators to move heavy equipment

  • Reduces non-value added time

  • No license required

Long-term benefits of using maneuvering aids for your containers:

Increased efficiency

Reduces manual

Increased work

Optimizes Resource utilization

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