Pharmaceutical logistics: storing liquid goods in single-use bag containers

Liquid goods pose a special challenge in pharmaceutical logistics: they must be stored in a space-saving manner, without the risk of contamination or leakage. Nowadays, it is not bottles or tanks that have become established for this purpose, but “single-use bags”, disposable products into which the liquids can be filled – sterile and safe, they can even be transported {link to transport} in this way.

Single-use technology in pharmaceutical storage: Storing Bagtainers

Yet difficulties arise, especially in the warehouse, when the single-use bags are used independently: They cannot be stacked and are easily damaged. Even microscopic cracks can result in contamination – not to mention loss of raw materials or the product. Respectively, security as well as financial aspects are at stake here.

This is why single-use bags are stored in special containers. Our Storing Bagtainers are suitable for all liquid raw materials, solutions and finished products: for example, buffers or medicines and vaccines in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Bagtainer is: a long-term partner in pharmaceutical logistics – who shines with special solutions and short delivery times.

The special thing about our liquid bulk containers for pharmaceutical logistics:

The stainless steel containers for pharmaceutical storage are made entirely by hand, manufactured by highly qualified and experienced welders, and subject to constant inspections.

Bagtainer: created for pharmaceutical logistics

Bagtainers significantly simplify the storage of liquid goods in pharmaceutical logistics: they protect the single-use bags, are easy to keep sterile and can even be stacked for ideal space utilisation:

  • Safe: pharmaceutical storage of liquid goods in robust and sterile stainless steel containers
  • Reliable: no rust, no contamination
  • Smooth: no adhesion of the single-use bags to the walls thanks to their surface texture
  • Need-oriented: capacity from 1 L up to 5000 L
  • Practical: ports for filling and emptying the single-use bags
  • Efficient: can be integrated into upstream/downstream systems
  • High-quality: naturally meet all the necessary directives and standards – and perform above and beyond this
  • Pharma-specific: suitable for clean rooms
  • Expandable: mixing systems, heating and cooling options, weight and fill level monitoring, lift systems for single-use bags etc.
  • Possible: the handmade stainless steel containers can be customised as special solutions
  • Available: foldable variants that reduce the volume for the storage of containers by half

Note for pharmaceutical logistics:

Our Bagtainers, created for pharmaceutical storage, shine with a standard delivery time of only 8–10 weeks. We also manufacture Shipping Bagtainers – ideal for transporting liquids.

Liquid goods in pharmaceutical logistics: protect single-use bags during storage

Single-use bags are the standard for storing liquids in pharmaceutical logistics: but to ensure sterility and safety, they must be adequately protected. We therefore produce our Storing Bagtainer under constant inspections and with over 15 years of experience. They address the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry as well as pharmaceutical logistics and ensure that essential goods can be processed and offered without a hitch – essential and reliable in pharmaceutical storage.

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