bagtainer® Addons:
Solution for tracking your valuable liquids and packaging

The storage and transportation of sensitive liquids and equipment in the biopharmaceutical industry often entail high risks and costs. The shelf life of products and auxiliary materials used in biopharmaceutical production often depends on a specific temperature range and physical conditions. It is therefore essential that a cold chain, for example, can be monitored and traced without interruption, otherwise there is a risk of an entire batch being discarded. In addition to the health risk for employees, the loss of pharmaceutical goods means high economic damage and delays important research work. Monitoring pharmaceutical products and chemical components during storage and transportation until use is often a problem – a well thought-out storage concept and suitable monitoring equipment are essential.

Our solutions for transparent supply chains and temperature monitoring:

  • In the laboratory: Cloud monitoring & condition monitoring
  • Storage: temperature mapping & monitoring, GMP condition monitoring
  • Shipping: environmental monitoring & cold chain management (GMP and GDP compliant)

How can the safe storage and delivery of pharmaceutical goods be ensured?

A clean and cool environment for pharmaceutical samples is essential – temperature monitoring systems ensure documentation and compliance with laboratory guidelines. To detect sources of error, protect valuable samples and thus also save costs for unusable material, we offer cloud-based software for condition monitoring during storage.

In addition, our aim is to support pharmaceutical companies and their partners in cold chain logistics by giving them access to real-time data. As a result, temperature fluctuations can be quickly detected and corrected to minimize the risk of damage to temperature-sensitive products.

Tracking for transport / visualization of your production

The advantages of intelligent software add-ons:

Monitoring the cold chain during the entire shipping process

Temperature mapping during storage

Tracking of sensitive and expensive pharmaceutical goods

Can be retrofitted to all bagtainer® products and other brands

Track & Trace add-ons for bagtainer®

Protect your values & goods

Digitize and automate your supply chain to keep track of where your bagtainers® are at all times. Our intelligent plug and play systems are extremely easy to use. With wireless data loggers for storage, transport and the cold chain in the pharmaceutical industry, we are revolutionizing supply chain monitoring – in real time thanks to cloud-based software.

The choice is yours:


  • Order your new bagtainer® with tracking function now
  • Get advice on retrofit kits for your existing bagtainer® pool

Find the right add-ons for your bagtainer®:

The IoT sensors can be installed in our containers to monitor the following environmental conditions:


  • Temperature
  • humidity
  • Vibration / movement
  • Access and geoposition


These sensors are able to continuously collect data and send it to a platform via wireless connectivity. For your individual needs, we can first analyze your requirements and select the right technology for you. We will find the right system for the secure storage or efficient shipping of sensitive goods.

Certified technology that impresses:

Calibrated according to DIN/ISO 17025

GxP Compliance

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Manufacturer certified to ISO:9001

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