The bagtainer®: Stainless steel

containers for Single-Use Bags

Bag Safety Pioneers

Since 2008 we have sold 21,356 bagtainer® to 103 bio-pharmaceutical companies and laboratories worldwide. Therefore, we can 100% provide you with the container for your liquids that you need. Promised.

Bagtainers are stackable!

To make storage easier, save space and increase your convenience, we have made sure that you can stack the biopharmaceutical containers without complications. The feet and the upper frame of the Bagtainer fit perfectly together and ensure absolute safety.

Bagtainers are lockable!

To ensure the protection of the liquids in the single-use bag, we have designed the Bagtainers to shield them from any external influences – human and otherwise. Storing Bagtainers can be closed, but for transport you can use a special cover that secures the liquid and protects it from dangerous momentum.

Bagtainers are easily kept sterile!

To make use in cleanrooms and with sensitive substances possible, we have selected the material, surface roughness and after-treatment required to ensure that Bagtainers are particularly easy to clean.

Bagtainers are comfortable!

To make your work as easy as possible, we have thought of everything that is relevant for you – for example, hose compartments for the connections of the single-use bags. Should something be missing, however, we are happy to serve you with special solutions from our manufactory!

Bagtainers are stable!

You can rely on our biopharmaceutical containers. Not only do they stand securely, but they have been developed with the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry in mind in every respect. You cannot protect bulk liquids and the like any better.

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Stainless steel containers for the biopharmaceutical industry – developed with passion, handcrafted with care, and tailored to your needs by 100%.

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A bagtainer® is the most sensible protective enclosure for your Single-Use Bags if you need sensitive and valuable liquids…

to be stored temporarily or permanently

to be transported safely within the company or over long distances

to be relocated quickly and easily

to be protected from external influences

to be integrated into your process

You need different bagtainer® for storage and transport – because once bulk liquids start moving, they develop a momentum that can also endanger trucks on the road. To avoid accidents, they must be specially secured. Also, for different quantities there are different sizes.

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