Single-Use technology in the pharmaceutical logistics process: Transport bagtainer®

Part of the logistics process in the biopharmaceutical industry is always the transport of sterile bulk liquids such as media, buffers, active ingredients and intermediates. Transport must be possible in a sterile and damage-free manner – and is usually done in single-use bags. To protect the sensitive bags, we place them accurately in stainless steel containers – bagtainer® – which are easy to keep sterile and reliably secure the liquids during transport.

We are: a partner who wants to support you in the scalable biopharmaceutical logistics process in the long term.

Single-use technology in the pharmaceutical transport: bagtainer® in the logistics process

The pharmaceutical transport of liquids in single-use bags alone is inconceivable:

  • The bags could be damaged
  • Sterility is risked
  • The momentum of bags filled with liquids is enormous due to the liquid sloshing back and forth and its volumes/weight, and can jeopardise safe travel
  • The deformable bags render the logistics process difficult

This is why we have developed stainless steel containers for the biopharmaceutical logistics process that eliminate all these problems: the single-use bags can be safely stored inside and are ready for pharmaceutical transport.

The special feature of our bagtainer® for the logistics process in the biopharmaceutical industry:

bagtainer® is a manufactory: the stainless steel containers are made by hand. This also means that you can always get special solutions from us that cover all your needs – thanks to highly qualified welders and an efficient manufacturing and control process that guarantee that the weld seam sits perfectly even where a robot could never reach. This is also guaranteed by our ISO 9001:2015 as well as DIN EN ISO 3834 and DIN EN 1090 certifications.

bagtainer®: created for the logistics process in the biopharmaceutical industry

Our bagtainer® are made to support the logistics process in the biopharmaceutical industry – every single one of their features is designed for this purpose:

  • Completely sterile: the bags are protected from any damage. This not only prevents fluid loss, but also contamination
  • Filled to choice: sub-quantities and intermediate quantities can also be transported with the stainless steel containers: from 5 to 1000 L, everything is possible.
  • Covered: because the single-use bags are also secured from above with an insulating layer, special transport protection and a lid, they no longer pose a danger to traffic due to their momentum.
  • Integrated: bagtainer® fit seamlessly into existing process chains because the connections of the single-use bag can be operated even in the container.
  • Stored safely: each Transport bagtainer® is equipped with a hose compartment that ensures the protected storage of the filling and removal hoses
  • Freely moveable: the Transport bagtainer® can be loaded and unloaded with a forklift truck or hand pallet truck. On request, we can also supply a mobile frame that allows each bagtainer® to be transported manually.
  • Versatile: all types of single-use bags can be accommodated in the containers – 2D as well as 3D.
  • Space-saving: if required, we can also supply foldable versions that only take up half the height when folded. This is particularly useful if you need to store the bagtainer® temporarily.
  • Stackable: whether filled or empty, our bagtainer® can be stacked. This reduces the footprint and can double the capacity of a transport!

Note for pharmaceutical transport:

For the logistics process, certain certifications are often required in the biopharmaceutical industry. The bagtainer® in combination with the single-use bags are ISTA and ASTM approved. If required, special TÜV approvals for hazardous substances can also be supplied. We would be happy to work with you to develop the right concept.

Bioprocess fluids in the logistics process of the biopharmaceutical industry: protect single-use bags during transport

The logistics process of biopharmaceutical companies for liquid media is usually highly developed, planned in detail and focused on the safety of the substances to be transported. bagtainer® are part of this system – and ensure its preservation in pharmaceutical transport. This is because bulk liquids can only be transported in a sterile, protected and loss-free manner when using the designated containers.

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