Special biotech solutions by bagtainer® – your manufacturer and partner in biopharmaceuticals

As a manufacturer of biotech containers, we not only offer our standard range, but special solutions that we plan, design and implement entirely in accordance with your needs as well. Our developers and product designers have the flexibility to respond to your requirements and needs. We prepare the drawings and CAD models and realise them in our manufactory – exactly according to your wishes.

Due to the increasingly complex projects and process chains in pharmaceutical logistics, the equipment also requires further optimisation. That is why, as a manufacturer, we always work in close cooperation with you – and build everything from individual special solutions to complex large-scale series that make your everyday life as a biotech company easier.

Your company for liquid management in pharmaceutical logistics

As a manufacturer of biotech containers, we can adapt everything to your needs:

  • Dimensions: Height, width and length can be modified.
  • Positions of the connections: The ports for filling and removal hoses can be arranged as needed.
  • Surface: The stainless steel surface can be pickled, electropolished or blasted
  • Branding: The bagtainer® can be customised with your logo
  • Stackable and foldable: Foldable and stackable versions are available if you need to save space during storage.
  • Equipment installation: For maximum convenience, a mobile frame or master mover coupling can be designed to fit your bagtainer®.
  • Arrangement of doors, flaps, lids, inspection windows and slots: All elements of the bagtainer® can be positioned differently.
  • Hose compartments: Optionally, a bagtainer® can be equipped with a storage compartment for hoses.

Your advantage: As a manufacturer of biotech equipment, we place great emphasis on thoroughness and accuracy – a standard we achieve thanks to the fact that our welders are not only highly qualified, but also inspect every single seam repeatedly.

Manufacturer of stainless steel biotech containers

Our biotech containers are made of stainless steel for a reason:

  • High-quality: Stainless steel offers outstanding material quality
  • Durable: bagtainer® are robust and will last you for decades if handled correctly
  • Cleanroom compatible: Stainless steel is easy to clean and keep sterile
  • Gentle: The low surface roughness eliminates the possibility of damage to the Single-Use Bags and loss of valuable liquids.

Good to know: bagtainer® have already stored and transported all kinds of liquid media in the biotech sector – from buffers to corona vaccines.

bagtainer® as a manufacturer of biotech stainless steel containers – and supplier of safety

As a company, we want to support pharmaceutical logistics wherever we can: this includes individual solutions that can be used in every phase of the process chain. If you have a specific request in this regard or ideas concerning your own special solutions, please feel free to contact us – we will be happy to help!

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